How to Handicapping Horse Races

If you love horse races, but are unsure how to pick winners, it’s best to consider handicapping. You can read hundreds of books and sites on horse racing, and you’ll find that each one focuses on different factors. While luck is the most important factor, handicapping gives you some control and something to chew on. Then you can enjoy the race while predicting a winner. Read on to learn how to handicap horse races.


A SLOPPY horse race refers to a surface that is wet and sloppy. The horse is urged to run faster by its jockey, and he may be able to do so by using the “shadow roll” technique to avoid kicking mud back into his face. The track will generally have two turns and a dead heat will occur if the horse is tied at the finish line.


Is betting on a SLOW horse race wise? In this article, I’ll discuss some of the reasons you might want to consider betting on a SLOW horse. A slow horse may be tired, he is racing on a new surface, or he may be switching trainers. Generally, the slowest horse will win if it takes advantage of conditions or latches on at the right time. However, a slow horse could lose to blind luck.


A SPEEDY CUT injury can be very serious. During a race, a horse can experience severe lacerations and tendon damage. The front leg of a horse is normally wrapped with a coronet band. This band protects the front leg from interference injuries and provides tendon support. The front leg of a racehorse can be cut in a speedy cut and cause severe damage. The toe of a horse’s shoe can also act like a knife on soft tissues. As a result, a SPEEDY CUT should never be used to perform a speedy cut injury.


The use of a SPIT THE BIT in horse racing is an effective way to reduce the risk of sudden death, and is also beneficial for exercise riders and the public’s image of the sport. Horses need unobstructed breathing for optimal performance, and metal in the mouth restricts this process. This can lead to mental fatigue, and weak muscles can have disastrous effects on bones and joints. A horse can spit the bit because it has grown tired and quit running against it.


The RAIL RUNNER horse race is one of the most popular races on the Kentucky Derby card. The course is one and a quarter miles long, and the winner is tallied at the quarter pole. This is a fast race with many speed options, and the odds are in favor of a long shot, so you should bet on a horse that has the best chance of winning. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when betting on the RAIL RUNNER.


Refuse to Bend is a 2000-born Irish race horse trained by Saeed Bin Suroor. It is owned by GODOLPHIN. You can find the Refuse horse race form here. To bet on Refuse to Bend, enter the form in this link. It is a son of Champion Sire Sadler’s Wells out of the mare Market Slide. Both of its sires were champion sprint horses, as was his dam.


A MUTUEL FIELD horse race is a grouping of horses that are entered in the same live horse race. A commission will join the horses to form one betting interest. Any money wagered on one (1) horse will be wagered on all the horses in the mutuel field. If a horse finishes in the first and second place positions, the winning wager will be paid out as an exacta.

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