The Art of Democracy Is a National Coalition of Art Exhibitions
on the Dire State of American Politics Scheduled for the Fall of 2008.


New York, NY/San Francisco, CA – Organizers of a nationwide coalition of art exhibitions focusing on issues of political and social interest announce a growing list venues in twenty cities during the peak of the political election season this fall.

THE ART OF DEMOCRACY exhibitions of contemporary prints and other media will begin opening in early September with most shows remaining open to the public through mid-November 2008 national in numerous venues of national prominence.

For more information CONTACT Stephen A. Fredericks or Art Hazelwood at:, or visit

Assorted imagery available upon request.THE ART OF DEMOCRACY

What began some eighteen months ago as an idea to form a loose coalition of politically orientated print exhibitions in New York City and San Francisco, California has grown into a major network of art shows spanning the entire United States. Conceived and lead by artist printmakers Stephen A. Fredericks and Art Hazelwood, THE ART OF DEMOCRACY coalition promises to incorporate over one thousand works of art addressing the complex state of the American Political Scene, and draw a viewing audience of hundreds of thousands during the Fall of 2008.

Leading up to the November 2008 national elections artists from across the country with intensifying effort are creating and starting to exhibit new work that responds to the radical shift in politics and governmental policy in America that has come about in recent years. Over two-dozen Art of Democracy coalition exhibitions have already attracted hundreds of enthusiastic artists across a broad spectrum of career achievements to a wide variety of exhibition events.

The Art of Democracy coalition mission is to promote the political art of artists on a national scale during the critical period leading up to the 2008 presidential elections. The national initiative is working to unite and promote these shows through an umbrella title, logo designed by renowned opinion page illustrator Frances Jetter, a website, public relations, and exhibition poster exchange between participating groups.

The still growing list of cities and venues hosting exhibitions this fall include Atlanta, GA, Baltimore, MD, Berkeley, CA, Chicago, IL, Loyola University Museum of Art, Chicago, IL, Davis, CA, Kingston, RI, Las Cruces, NM, Milwaukee, WI, Monterey, CA, Muncie, IN, Murray, KY, National Arts Club, New York, NY, Oakland, CA, Plymouth, NH, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, NY, in San Francisco, CA multiple locations, including Meridian Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Santa Cruz, CA, St. Louis, MO, Tustin CA, Twenty Nine Palms, CA, and, Vashon Island, WA. Additional details about the venues, exhibition dates and contacts is available on The Art of Democracy website listed below.

The Art of Democracy coalition is actively seeking additional exhibition organizers to the campaign whether in museums, art centers, galleries, on campuses or in cafés. A broad-based national platform for the visibility of contemporary political art will amplify the messages of civil activism, social reform, dissent, and protest. Hazelwood and Fredericks chose this time to organize because the nation is particularly politically aware and the moment is ripe to bring into focus artistic views on the state of American politics and democracy.

The political poster exchange between all the venues is an integral element of the coalition effort. Historically, artist driven posters have played important roles in political and social movements. Not since perhaps the 1930’s exhibition series“ Artists Against War and Fascism” has a national coalition of shows like this been organized. The posters will be used in exhibitions as well as distributed in public spaces throughout cities where the shows will be taking place.

The Art of Democracy website lists all shows that are currently part of the national coalition. The website further serves as a central web-based locale for the display of exhibition dates, public relations activities, announcements, and links to supporting web links.

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