The Art of Democracy Is a National Coalition of Art Exhibitions
on the Dire State of American Politics Scheduled for the Fall of 2008.

San Francisco, California Exhibition
Warnock Fine Arts
49 Geary Street, Suite 211
San Francisco, California
(415) 677-4001
hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11 - 5:30

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Alternative Voices - The Art of Democracy

October 2 - November 4, 2008

Reception - October 9, 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Organizer: Larry Warnock

San Quentin Arts in Corrections

Great Tortilla Conspiracy


Great Tortilla Conspiracy

Warnock Fine Arts will be exhibiting prints that emphasize the democratic aspect of the media. Based on the 2007 journal of the California Society of Printmakers, titled Prints in all the Wrong Places. The exhibit will emphasize street prints, prints in prison, steamroller prints etc.

Featuring The Great Tortilla Conspiracy, printing on tortillas, and benefit sale of prints and posters for groups including San Quentin Arts in Correction, Oaxacan Revolutionary Artists, Western Regional Advocacy Project, and others. The Great Tortilla Conspiracy will appear at Warnock Fine Arts on October 9, 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

What do inmates at San Quentin, Revolutionary artists in Oaxaca, and poster artists in San Francisco have in common? They share a tradition of printmaking as the most democratic of art forms. Warnock Fine Arts presents an exhibition called Alternative Voices - The Art of Democracy, in the last month leading up to the Presidential Elections.

Many printmakers from the Bay Area have been active in political causes since the 1960s. The desire to make art that is relevant to political issues, and to spread that message widely, means that these works are more often seen on the street than in a gallery. This exhibition shows explores the intersection between fine art and message that inspires so many local artists. Katya McCulloch's San Quentin printmaking class produces a wide range of imagery from daily life in prison to imagery based on their own identity. Sales of their work helps to fund the Arts in Correction program. Anonymous works by the Oxacan Revolutionary group ASARO will also be shown.

On October 9th, from 5:00 to 8:00 the Great Tortilla Conspiracy will be creating tortilla art in person. Mystical faces appear on Tortillas. The face of the Virgin Mary or maybe Barack Obama. During this event there will be sale of posters and prints to benefit San Quentin Arts in Corrections, The Revolutionary Artists of Oaxaca, the Western Regional Advocacy Project and others.
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